2017 Atlanta Centennial Classic

AAC3Bringing Gymnastics to Atlanta!

The full schedule for the women’s and men’s competition is now available on the Meet Information page.

The 2017 Atlanta Centennial Classic will take place on January 27-29 in Atlanta at the Georgia International Convention Center.  Come join us for a fabulous weekend of fun and great gymnastics competition!

For the first time, the Atlanta Centennial Classic will also include a boy’s competition.  We look forward to welcoming your boy’s team to Atlanta!

We are pleased to welcome NAIGC teams to compete in a collegiate session of men’s gymnastics. The following teams will be competing in the 2017 Atlanta Centennial Classic: Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, Penn State, Purdue, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida State.

Click here for an amazing video from the 2015 Atlanta Centennial Classic 2015 Atlanta Centennial Classic video

Hosted by: Stacey Harris and Michelle Pomerantz